lahnda (Lahndi)/Non-tonal language groups




Jurghda (Jurghdi)/Tonal language groups

1)EASTERN or Sardari Panjabi

2)Modern DOGRI

THE History of INDO-ARYAN (and NORTH-WEST ZONE) languages by Raja Mohammad Afzal Khan (London, UK; 1990).

Panjistani language

These northern lahnda,(NL) clusters are now called panjistani (ascertained by m. afzal, london,uk;2009) and the language spoken in northern panjab and azad kashmir regions and another relted lauaguge formly called western lahnda(WL) cluster (modern Hindko) is spoken in kyber pakhtoonkha.

This language belongs to the Western Pahari/ modern panjistani language family, which is a branch of the Indo-Iranian language. Indo-Iranian (also known as Aryan) is a branch of the Indo-European family of languages. (For details read Mohabbat Husain Awan of Birote Kalan book ASSAN NAY NABI PAK HOR (Our Holy Prophet) first book on Dhundi-Kairali language, published in 2006 in Karachi and won Seerat Award in 2008.The book preface research article was written by Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi [1] and covers five millenniums history and literature of Dhundi-Kairali language. Gulfiraz Abbasi [2], a lecturer of Murree College is also written a research thesis about this subject [3] in 2010 also. )

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